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Check out this New York Times Article!

Chris Santella with a 38lb red from the Land of Giants!

No need to worry about the effects of the oil spill!

There are still plenty of big redfish around! Chris Santella took this 38lber fishing with Capt. Gregg, and documented the story for the New York Times in this article:

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/18/sports/18redfish.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq So…=gregg%20arnold&st=cse


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You be the judge…check out this video…


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Captain Gregg’s One Rod Double

“My name is Kris Hirata and I fished with Captain Gregg Arnold out of Hopedale, LA. I was having a bad day. Poor casts and spooky fish equaled zero fish landed by noon. The day before with the same casts and aggressive fish I had 60 pounds of fish to the boat by 10:30 AM…I was frustrated.”

“As Captain Gregg says: ‘You can go from hero to zero real fast.’ “

“Finally I made a good cast, the fish tipped up and ate the fly. Then I promptly broke him off by lifting with the rod on the strike, major error. ‘You deserve a big whooping right now’ says Captain Gregg.”

“I am feeling like a big Zero. Then…”

” ‘You see that big fish coming in?’ I make a good cast, the fish eats, and he is off to the races. I land a 25 pound redfish, my biggest fish on fly ever. The hook falls out of his mouth into the water when we Bogagrip him.”

“I get ready for the trophy picture and put my rod in my lap. Suddenly the rod jumps and line starts peeling off the reel. A second fish on and in the boat without making another cast!”

“One rod, one cast, two fish in the boat…a single rod double!”

“Captain Gregg names the spot ‘Hirata Bank’.”

“Zero to hero…SWEET!!

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